Complytron has been acquired by SEON

to launch a unified AML, anti-fraud and fincrime platform

Sanctions and PEP screening

A must-have for your AML/KYC toolkit

Our due diligence software makes sanctions screening and PEP checks easy no matter the size of your business. With Complytron, you can stay compliant (including with 6AMLD) and make a more informed decision about how to proceed with a potential customer.

Choose the right plan for you based on your number of monthly searches and which databases you would like to search. 

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Digital fingerprint technology

A powerful URL search unlocking more intelligence on your target

Complytron’s URL search tool uses digital fingerprints to uncover more of the information that’s out there on your potential client. Discover your target’s hidden business interests and links to high-risk entities… even if all you have to go on is a URL.

We’ll help you make a more informed risk assessment and avoid reputational damage associated with an AML/CTF scandal.

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