About Complytron

Complytron was founded in 2019, by Oliver Lebhardt, Abris Gryllus and Zoltan Varju. It grew from Oliver’s interest in automating research as an investigative data journalist.

After getting Google DNI funding in 2019 for the Source Code Leak project, which used digital fingerprinting software to reveal hidden connections between seemingly unrelated companies, the team started looking for commercial uses for the software.

The founders realized risk analysts and AML officers could use the tool during KYC onboarding, AML/CTF processes and all kinds of due diligence applications.

Now with 6AMLD making AML background checks compulsory for many more companies in Europe, the suite of tools Complytron has developed is useful for companies both big and small rushing to make sure they are compliant with the latest regulatory requirements.

Industries ranging from banking to insurance brokers, law firms to bookkeepers, will need tools like Complytron, to stay compliant and avoid penalties. This is why the team at Complytron is now so focussed on providing an easy-to-use tool whether you need to do 500 checks a month or 50,000.

Read more about our current offering, which gives companies AI-based tools to make intelligence gathering during a background check easier:

Our “why?”

We want to make it easier for companies to comply with the latest AML regulations. Why? By doing this we can help combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism, and fight fraud.

Our mission is to 

give businesses more powerful tools to fight money laundering and terrorist financing while meeting the relevant compliance requirements so they can protect their business.

Our vision is to

make the world a safer place — free from financial crime — one search at a time.

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