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meet our Head of Content, Comms and Investigations: Ildi Amon

Having worked as an analyst using tools like ours and seeing its potential for investigators of all stripes, for Ildi promoting Complytron to a wider audience is a good challenge to have!

IldiHow did you get started at Complytron?

I’ve known the founder and CEO, Oliver, for about 8 years from a time when we both worked in the same media group. In 2021, he offered me an opportunity to use a broad range of my skills. Plus I really believe in the tool’s ability to help investigators of all stripes have a real world impact, so I wanted to help grow the business.



You could be doing anything, what’s so inspiring for you about working on Complytron’s products?

This role really brings together my experience in marketing, journalism, and as a due diligence analyst at one of the Big Four accounting firms. Having done exactly the kinds of risk assessments that are based on tools like ours, I can better understand what analysts need day-to-day to help make their reports even more thorough.  

On a broader level, it’s inspiring to work on on a product that has real world benefits in areas like fighting financial crime and fraud and making it harder for sanctioned entities to evade detection.


What are the key challenges ahead for you at Complytron? 

Our product can be used anywhere in the world and in many different industries. Everyone from a banker to a lawyer benefits from knowing more about who their clients and third parties are. Therefore, our overarching challenge is reaching those AML/KYC teams and decisions makers that our tools could most benefit.

We would also like to start publishing our own investigations based on information from our tool, so this is a key big challenge for us as a team in the months ahead.


What are you excited to be working on currently?

There’s a big sub-culture of OSINT investigators and amateur sleuths doing their own reporting via podcasts, blogs and videos. I’m happy we’ve decided to make our tool freely available to journalists, giving them access to a tool they may not have the budget to access otherwise. Reaching out to those doing public service reporting and knowing that we could help them build a case is something I’m very proud of.


What does a typical day/week look like for you?

We’re building everything from the ground up, from our web presence to our marketing approach. There’s so much to do when you’re just laying the foundations, so it’s always a case of “What’s the next most important thing I can focus my time on today?”


What are the top skills needed for someone in your role?

I think these are probably the most important, and definitely a WIP for me:

  1. Deciding on a strategy that has a higher likelihood of working than the alternatives
  2. Taking care of those quick wins while also spending enough time on the longer-term goals
  3. Being OK with trying something, failing and trying something new again


When do you feel most happy at work?

I love project managing and pushing for things to happen and progress.  


What three things would you take to a deserted island?

My family (including my dog), cable news, and a never-ending supply of chocolate.


What do you do in your spare time?

I watch lots of news and walk a lot. I’ve also been working on my fitness and I’ve been thinking a lot about how that perfectly mirrors our business problem of balancing quick wins with longer term goals. My happy place is the first cappuccino of the day in a cafe.


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