How does digital fingerprint technology work?

Our proprietary digital fingerprint tech works by looking for matching codes between your target’s URL and the URLs linked to sanctioned or watchlisted entities. 

It’s another powerful tool for your due diligence arsenal

This tool can uncover a hidden link—even if two organisations seem completely unrelated. Wouldn’t knowing this be incredibly useful for your analysts?

Here’s an example: You search your target’s URL on Complytron and find that it has similar digital fingerprints to a sanctioned entity’s website, indicating there is a link between the two companies. Your analyst now knows that the target carries a higher risk because there seems to be a link to sanctioned entity. The target may even be “sanctioned by association.”

  • What is a digital fingerprint?

    A digital fingerprint is an identifier in the backend of a website. By comparing the code and feature similarities of any two websites, we can provide a probability that they (and the entities/people behind them) are linked.

  • What is a code similarity?

    Code similarity tries to capture any similarity in coding style.

  • What is a feature similarity?

    Feature similarity looks at how many features (IP address, web server type, host country etc.) are similar between the two sites.

Data sources

What we compare your target’s URL to:

  • 100,000+ sanctioned, watchlisted and phishing websites
  • 30M+ digital fingerprints of blacklisted websites

Wouldn’t you benefit from knowing if your client is linked to any of these?


  • → Compare your target's URL to sanctioned and watchlisted websites

  • → Our database of high-risk websites is always growing

  • → Enhances your due diligence by revealing hidden business interests

  • → Gives you quantitative data on which to base a risk assessment

  • → Can be used as evidence as to why a level of risk was assigned

  • → Data visualization option available

  • → Even with limited information on your target, a URL search can reveal a world of additional data

  • → Encrypted searches to protect your privacy, and downloadable search history reports to prove compliance

Do you need digital fingerprint technology?

Still not 100% sure if you need Complytron? If you see your industry here, you would probably benefit from knowing more about your clients, partners and third parties:

Why you'll love Complytron

Uncover hidden risks
Don’t get caught doing business with someone who is linked to a sanctioned or watchlisted entity—uncover any hidden links using just their URL

✓ Reduce your exposure
Avoid an AML scandal and the associated reputation damage by doing all you can to truly know your client

Stay compliant
Go further than just the basic sanctions screenings and avoid breaking any anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regulations

✓ Straightforward API
Your developers will be able to connect Complytron to your existing systems with ease so your analysts can keep using the interface they are familiar with

✓ Encrypted searches
Your searches are completely private

✓ Downloadable search history
Download or export your search history whenever it’s needed as evidence during a compliance audit

✓ Intuitive interface
Our user interface (UI) is super simple and results are clearly shown

✓ Data visualizations
These can visually show how your target is linked to a high-risk entity

✓ Explainable decisions
Having a high probability result that a target is linked to a sanctioned entity can help your analyst make a more explainable risk assessment

  • 7-day


    • no credit card required
    • 50 free searches
    • full access
    • try our intuitive dashboard
    • test our API
  • URL Search

    2000 /MONTH

    • no sign up fee
    • access our proprietary software
    • discover matches to sanctioned & watchlisted entity websites
    • find out more about your target
    • cancel any time
  • Full access

    FROM 2270

    • no sign up fee
    • global sanctions, PEP and watchlist screening
    • access our proprietary URL search
    • discover matches to sanctioned & watchlisted entity websites
    • from 250 searches/month
    • from €0.015 per search (based on 500,000 search volume)
    • cancel or change your plan any time
  • Custom plan

    • get exactly the solution you need
    • competitive prices
    • customised databases
    • investigations support
    • complete risk assessments
    • technical support

Using our technology to detect phishing scams

Our digital fingerprint tool can also be used to check a URL against our phishing database. We look for matching digital fingerprints between your URL and those of 30,000 known phishing websites to see if there is a high probability of a match.

Don’t get caught out in a phishing scam, test a fishy URL now to see how it works.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is there a free trial?

    Yes! We offer a 7-day free trial which includes 100 free searches so you can try out a URL search and see how this powerful tool can help you.

  • How much does Complytron cost?

    Our digital fingerprint tool has a flat monthly fee, so the pricing is completely transparent. See our pricing here.

  • How are results displayed?

    Complytron has an easy-to-use interface and your analyst can see at a glance whether the target’s URL has a high probability of being linked to a sanctioned or watchlisted entity—or not.

  • How is URL search used to catch phishing scams?

    You can search your target URL against tens of thousands of known phishing websites. This reveals whether your URL is linked to a scam site and may itself be a phishing site. Run a Complytron URL search if anything is fishy about a website you’re on.