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    frequently asked questions

    • I don't see the solution I need

      Contact us and we’ll discuss your specific needs and help create a custom plan for  you.

    • How does the discount work?

      Each subsequent list you add to your oder is offered at a discount.  For example, the second list you add is 50% off, the third list you add is more than 60% off. It’s worth adding more lists to your order to claim your discounts.

      At this time we are not able to offer a discount on the URL search type.

    • How do you offer more affordable solutions than others?

      Although we often work with bigger financial service providers, our aim has always been to make our tools available to smaller clients who want to implement KYC/AML processes to meet 6AMLD requirements or another regulation.

    • Do you have a free trial?

      Yes! If you’re not ready to register for a paid plan yet, start a free trial. Our free trial is for 7 days and includes 50 searches. It gives you access to ALL of our lists and both name and URL search tools. You’ll love how easy it is to use, and you can upgrade to a paid plan at the end of the trial.

    • How much do extra searches cost beyond the cap?

      Each additional search beyond what is covered by your plan is charged at the following rates:

      250 searches/month plan – 0.6 €

      1000 searches/month plan – 0.45 €

      3000 searches/month plan – 0.3 €

      50,000 searches/month plan – 0.05 €

      100,000 searches/month plan – 0.03 €

      500,000 searches/month plan – 0.01 €

      If you think you might need more searches on a regular basis, it’s best to upgrade your plan as this will be a more cost-effective solution per search.