Data Complytron can provide:

We can supply the following data to you so that you can provide even richer information to your customers:

  • Sanctioned individuals and entities
  • Watchlisted entities
  • Politically exposed persons (PEPs)
  • Sanctioned entity URLs
  • Watchlisted entity URLs
  • Phishing URLs

Our sanctioned, watchlisted and phishing URL databases are our own proprietary databses, while our sanctions, watchlist and PEP databases are more affordable that our competitors, meaning you can access this data in a way that you couldn’t with our bigger, legacy competitors.

What are Complytron’s proprietary databases?

Complytron has create a database of high-risk URLs. These are those websites that are linked to sanctioned or watchlisted entities. With our tool your customer’s can check their client’s URLs against our database, and with digital fingerprint technology we can reveal if the URL your customer’s are searching have a high likelihood of being linked to any one of these high-risk websites.

This proprietary digital fingerprint technology, also works to help your customers spot phishing scams. Those behind phishing scams don’t just create one website to nab unsuspecting users, they often run multiple sites at once. If your customer checks a suspicious URL against our database of known phishing websites, our tool can recognise if there are digital fingerprint similarities between the two. If the URL your customer is searching has a high probability of being similar to a known phishing site they know they should be extremely cautious with that website.

Benefits for you

  • Get access to affordable sanctions and watchlist data so that you can provide even more fulsome information to your customers. Our searches start at just 0.0056 euro cents per search.
  • With our data, you can add an AML/KYC angle to your offering. More and more companies are recognising the need to do things like sanctions screening. Together with your existing offerings, our data can help your provider more well-rounded solutions.
  • Get data from us that you can’t get anywhere else. Our proprietary sanctions and watchlisted entity URL database is information you can only get from us. This unique offering can help set your packages apart.

Benefits for your customers

Your customers will get the following benefits from using Complytron via your platform:

  • Know whether their clients are sanctioned or watchlisted. This is critical information because companies may face heavy penalties for not doing the relevant screens both at customer onboarding and throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Know whether their client is a PEP. One important piece of the puzzle when assigning risk to a potential customer is to understand whether they have political exposure or not. What this means is are they in a position of power and influence, for example, a politician, a CEO of a state-owned entity, a judge or perhaps a close family member of someone who is. Because PEPs carry a higher risk of being susceptible to corruption and bribes, it’s worth knowing a client’s PEP status.
  • Know whether their client’s URL is linked to a sanctioned person or company’s URL. This is important because if there is a link, it will pay to be extremely cautious in doing business with that individual or entity. This is so critical because it indicates there may be some shady business links, but also because further investigation may uncover and ownership link in the background, which may be important in terms of the sanctions 50% rule, whereby if 50% or more of an entity is owned by someone who is sanctioned then that company also becomes sanctioned by association.
  • Know whether their client’s URL is linked to a watchlisted entity. This is important because your client will benefit form knowing if there is a link between their client and a company that is on one of the warning lists published by European financial authorities (like the FCA, BaFin, FinMa, ACPR, IOSCO, HCPC, MFSA and ATVP).
  • Know whether a website is likely a phishing scam. Your users can use Complytron’s integrations to double check a suspicious website and avoid falling into a phishing trap. They can search a URL and we’ll reveal if it has any similarities to a known phishing scam.


Integration is easy. Our developers can work with your team to seamlessly integrate our tools and/or databases into your existing platform.

How can you get started?

Contact us to get started. We’ll work with your to find out which of our databases is best for you.