What does our AML/KYC software help with?

Complytron’s AML/KYC software helps you with your client background checks so that you’re easily and affordably compliant with the relevant regulatory requirements, including 6AMLD.

Use our tool during client onboarding or have it running in the background over the entire customer relationship.

Choose from the following databases:

→ High-risk individuals/entities

Read more about our data sources.

  • What is AML?

    Anti-Money Laundering is a set of actions your business takes to prevent “bad actors” from disguising illegally obtained money as legitimate income.

  • What is KYC?

    Know Your Customer/Client involves verifying the identity of a potential customer, and identifying any risks associated with doing business with them.

  • What is CFT?

    Combatting of the Financing of Terrorism are steps your business takes to prevent those a government designates as a terrorist from accessing funding and financial services.

  • What’s a PEP?

    A politically exposed person has a prominent public role and may be at a higher risk of involvement in bribery and corruption because of the influence they hold.

  • What is 6AMLD?

    This is the sixth iteration of the EU’s Anti-Money Laundering Directive. It’s important you take a look at your company’s AML processes to ensure you comply.

What happens if you don’t comply with 6AMLD?

Just like with GDPR a few years back, AMLD is something many more people and businesses will have to comply with — even those that didn’t before. If you don’t comply, you risk fines, penalties and even jail time (yikes!).

How Complytron can help you comply with 6AMLD

  • Check all your clients against global sanctions lists at both onboarding and during the entire customer lifecycle
  • Check your clients against our PEP database. We even specialise in European PEP data, so if your business operates in this region, it’s a good idea to add our PEP screening to your AML/KYC processes.
  • Check your clients against our high-risk names database — this is our own database of individual and entity names found on sanctioned entity websites
  • Your search history is automatically saved on your user dashboard, so you can download your search reports to prove that you’ve run the relevant checks

These types of checks are not just a regulatory requirement; they can help you avoid an AML scandal or risks associated with doing business with a questionable client.


  • → Fully automated sanctions, PEP and watchlist screening

  • → Easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard

  • → Straightforward API documentation your developer can easily integrate

  • → Encrypted search history

  • → Reduced false positive red flags

  • → Get a notification if your client's risk status changes between checks

  • → Check name variations and search with Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic or Persian letters

  • → Transparent pricing based on your monthly search volume and choice of databases

Do you need Complytron?

If you’re in one of these industries, you probably need our solution to comply with the relevant regulations:

  • 7-day


    • no credit card required
    • 50 free searches
    • full access
    • try our intuitive dashboard
    • test our API
  • Sanctions and PEP screening

    FROM 190

    • no sign up fee
    • global sanctions and PEP screening
    • from 250 searches/month
    • from €0.0078/search (based on 500,000 search volume)
    • cancel or change your plan any time
  • Name search all our databases

    FROM 270

    • no sign up fee
    • global sanctions, PEP and watchlist screening
    • from 250 searches/month
    • from €0.011 per search (based on 500,000 search volume)
    • cancel or change your plan any time
  • Custom plan

    • get exactly the solution you need
    • competitive prices
    • customised databases
    • investigations support
    • complete risk assessments
    • technical support

Unsure which solution is best for you?

Contact us and we’ll help you figure out which solution is best for you.

Why you'll love Complytron

✓ Get compliant
Comply with 6AMLD and other relevant regulations to avoid penalties

✓ Automate your AML/KYC processes
Reduce time and resources wasted by integrating Complytron into your existing systems

✓ Spot risk fast
Our easy-to-understand interface displays your customer’s pass/fail result clearly

✓ Set alerts
We’ll keep an eye on your client between checks so you’ll always know if their risk profile has changed

✓ Customise your searches
Choose datasets based on your ​​company’s risk appetite, the customer environment and jurisdictional regulations

✓ Right-sized for your needs
If you’re a small business simply wanting to get 6AMLD squared away, you’ll love our affordable prices and low search volume options (bigger companies also love our transparent prices and unique solutions)

✓ Straight-forward API
Your developer will tell you that our easy-to-use API documentation will mean you’re up and running in no time

✓ Get alerts in Excel… or any other format
Alerts can be delivered to you in whichever way you prefer, whether it’s a daily excel report or a summary every couple of months

✓ Encrypted searches
Your search history is completely private…

✓ Get reports to prove compliance
You’ll see your search history in your user dashboard, and you can download or export your history any time

✓ Avoid an AML scandal
Truly know who your clients/business partners/third parties/employees are and avoid reputational damage

✓ Onboard clients fast
Add Complytron to your client onboarding and get a more complete picture about them quickly and easily

✓ Focus on risk areas — not the noise
Running a Complytron check alerts you to potential risk areas so your analysts can focus their time and energy on the right individuals and entities

Frequently asked questions

  • Why do you need these searches?
    • Comply with the relevant AML/CFT regulations to avoid hefty penalties
    • Avoid reputational damage resulting from one of your clients or partners being found to be involved in money laundering or terrorism financing
    • Don’t get caught up in inadvertently facilitating a money laundering scheme
  • What's included in the free trial?

    In the 7-day free trial you get 100 free searches which you can use to test all of our databases.

  • How is Complytron priced?

    Complytron is priced based on the number of monthly searches you need and which databases you want to search in. Because we want to reward you for searching in more databases, you’ll get discounts on each additional database you buy access to.