Who can benefit from Complytron’s tools:

  • Government departments
  • Government agencies
  • Government institutions
  • Governmental authorities
  • Regulatory bodies
  • International/multilateral organisations

Discover more of what’s out there on your target with our proprietary URL search tool that uncovers hidden digital fingerprints…

  • → Digital fingerprint technology

    Uncover if your client has any hidden links to high-risk entities with our proprietary URL search that checks for matches between your target URL and sanctioned or watchlisted websites

  • → High-risk names database

    Find out whether your target is mentioned on a sanctioned or watchlisted entity website with our proprietary database of high-risk names

  • → Custom investigations

    Harness our investigative skills and expertise, and we’ll do the risk assessment for you

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Benefits for government departments and regulatory bodies

  • → Benefit 1: Traditional methods can only reveal so much, so have more high-quality information at your fingertips

  • → Benefit 2: Save time on manual searches by automating and streamlining your AML/KYC processes. A single search searches multiple database at once.

  • → Benefit 3: Get the basics of AML/KYC squared away with our name search of sanctions, PEP and watchlist databases

  • → Benefit 4: Enhance your due diligence with our proprietary digital fingerprint tool that confirms whether your target's URL matches a sanctioned or watchlisted website

  • → Benefit 5: Check your client's name against our own high-risk names database made up of names mentioned on sanctioned or watchlisted entity websites

  • → Benefit 6: Integrate our tool into your existing system easily with our straightforward API documentation

  • → Benefit 7: Stay compliant with regulations like 6AMLD and protect your business from reputational damage

  • → Benefit 8: Complytron offers and easy and affordable solution for both big and small teams

Key features

One powerful search searches multiple databases at once, helping to fight money laundering and other financial crimes.

✓ Avoid a scandal and the associated reputational damage by doing thorough due diligence checks. Don’t leave any stone unturned, add Complytron to your arsenal of tools.

✓ Go beyond traditional searches. Although the standard checks like Google search, adverse media, company registries have their place, there’s only so much they can tell you. Add AI-driven technology to your toolkit to uncover information that traditional searches miss.

✓ Discover more information even when you don’t have much to go on with our proprietary URL search.

Make more accurate risk assessments with your analysts better able to explain their decisions.

Automate, automate, automate. Reduce time spent on manual searches and instantly check potential or existing clients against all our databases.

✓ Get real-time notifications if your target’s risk status changes, so your risk assessments stay current.

✓ Customisable data sets to suit your risk appetite, customer risk profile, jurisdictional requirements etc.

✓ We specialise in PEP data for Europe, so if you operate in this region Complytron is the best solution for you.

✓ Reduced false positives and duplicates so your analysts can focus solely on the relevant data without being distracted by irrelevant data.

✓ Intuitive interface and easy-to-understand results so your analysts waste no time navigating our user dashboard and have more time for complex analysis.

✓  Straightforward API so you can connect our tool to your existing system.

✓ Encrypted searches to protect your privacy.

✓  Downloadable Search History reports that can be used as proof that the relevant searches were done.

Those with the most to hide are always the best at hiding their backgrounds and business dealings. Ensure your risk analysts have all the tools they need to find hidden clues on the web.

The best way to see the power of Complytron is to try it!

7-day free trial includes:

  • 50 free searches
  • full access to name and URL searches
  • search all our databases
  • look around our user dashboard
  • no credit card required
  • no obligations