• Oliver

    Oliver Lebhardt

    Co-founder, CEO

    OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) expert and entrepreneur. Oliver Lebhardt is a data journalist, digital news innovation leader and former editor-in-chief based in Budapest, Hungary and Berlin, Germany. While working as a journalist, he was looking for a way to find out more about politicians and people in their networks based on the source codes of websites. Out of this grew the Source Code Leak project, which was awarded the Google Digital News Initiative grant in 2018. During this time he became acquainted with OSINT and anti-money-laundering methods so he decided to co-found Complytron in 2019 after Source Code Leak project ended. Oliver is a founding member of the Association of Certified FinCrime Specialists (ACFCS) Central and Eastern European Chapter.

  • Abris

    Ábris Gryllus

    Co-founder, UX Expert

    Cross disciplinary media artist and designer. Abris studied visual communication at the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design, and started teaching conceptual design and sound design there in 2015. He is responsible for more than 100 media related identities, art directional projects, and data visualization tools. Abris is responsible for the web design, and UX at Complytron. 

  • Norbi

    Norbert Dalecker

    Head of DevOps

    Norbi is a DevOps engineer who turns his passion for technology into real value for businesses every day. With 10+ years experience ranging from business analysis, design, and implementation to delivery and support, he’s diving in and out of javascript/jquery (frontend), NodeJs (backend), mysql (database), elasticsearch (database), stackdriver (monitoring), google cloud (hosting), docker (virtualization), kubernetes (orchestration) and gitlabCI (delivery) to keep the trains running on time.

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  • Lili Szabo

    Lili Szabó

    Head of data science

    Lili Szabó is a data scientist. Previously she worked as a computational linguist in speech technologies and she also has a degree in language technologies.

  • Ildi

    Ildi Amon

    Head of Content, Comms and Investigations

    Ildi has worked as a journalist, content creator, and risk analyst and is bringing all these skills and experiences to this role. Her main goal is to clearly communicate the value a Complytron search gives companies. She’ll be using her journo skills to find stories using Complytron’s own technology; her SEO content creation skills to create the best industry content in this space; and her experience in writing due diligence reports to ensure our product is as user-friendly and beneficial for analysts as it can be.

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  • Niki

    Nikolett Pomothy

    Back Office

    Nikolett uses her 10 years of experience in Back Office Management to ensure all our back office functions are running smoothly. She’s responsible for supporting project management, HR, admin, and facilities management.

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