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→ Fighting financial fraud through digital fingerprints.

→ Complytron is an AI-driven tool that provides AML/KYC screening on any entity based on its website codes.

→ key benefits

→ automated background check of your new customers digital footprint. complytron compares your new partners websites codes with websites of legal entities which are on global sanctions lists, including OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, DFAT

→ complytron extracts names, organisation names, emails, and addresses from the content of high-risk websites

→ offers real-time checks against sanctions data drawn from multiple sources

→ complytron extracts data on Hungarian PEPs from publicly available data sources and ensures daily updates

how works

→ how it works

Complytron is a network forensic software that provides background information on any website based on its source codes. Complytron looks for patterns that show that two seemingly unrelated websites were actually generated by the same developer or use the same IT infrastructure. This information can indicate a relationship between two or more entities. With artificial intelligence and machine learning-based network analysis we provide a probability assessment of any online connection to a network of high-risk legal entities.

Run and automate your searches via API or search manually via Complytron’s GUI. With our easy-to-use interface and data visualization of results, it’s easy to spot and assess any risks.

People are good at making tough decisions but bad at assessing a huge amount of data. Complytron provides a fast way to assess a large amount of data and uncovers hidden relationships. Empowered with Source Code Leak, your compliance or KYC teams can get valuable insights to make better decisions and help mitigate risks.

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