9 sanctions fast facts that might surprise you

Given current world events, sanctions screening has never had a more prominent role in helping to diffuse an international conflict. Whether you’re new to the sanctions world or a seasoned professional, it’s worth taking a look at these sanctions fast facts.

Sanctions: What is the 50% rule?

It’s not a widely-enough known fact that not everyone who is sanctioned appears on a sanctions list. Learn about the 50 percent rule here and, if you work in AML/KYC due diligence, find out how you can do more to catch all sanctioned individuals and entities.

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AML/KYC glossary: Quick explainers for hundreds of industry terms

The AML/KYC due diligence world is filled by its own unique ecosystem of terms and acronyms, familiarise yourself with what they all mean here.

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explainer: politically exposed persons (PEPs)

Discover what PEPs are and why you need to do PEP checks to protect your business.

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explainer: sanctions lists (and why you need sanctions monitoring)

Learn all about what sanctions lists are and why you need to do sanctions monitoring to protect your business.

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