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We’re giving journalists and academics FREE access to Complytron

Investigative reporters of all stripes as well as academics and teachers can now apply for 3 months of FREE access to Complytron.

Day in, day out investigative journalists and non-traditional investigative reporters (like podcasters and bloggers) are doing important work uncovering financial crimes including fraud, bribery and corruption as well as the new tools and technologies being used to uncover these crimes.

Unfortunately, budgets for journalists and amateur sleuths can be tight and this limits their access to some of the same tools that bigger companies can afford for due diligence or their own investigations.

We believe reporters of all stripes doing work for the public good should have free access to these resources, so we’ve decided to make our tools FREE for journalists and other public interest reporters.

We also believe that those doing important academic research or teaching new investigative approaches, should also have free access to our tools so that they have the resources they need to do their important work in contributing to reducing financial crime around the world.

Who gets free access?

People who report on financial crimes or teach investigative techniques can apply for free access to our tools. Roles include:

  • Journalists
  • Freelance journalists
  • Non-profit investigators
  • Producers
  • Bloggers
  • Podcasters
  • Vloggers/YouTubers
  • Amateur sleuths
  • Documentary filmmakers
  • Book authors
  • Academics for research or teaching purposes
  • Teachers (e.g. you’re teaching a short course, doing in-house training, holding a webinar etc.)

How to get your free access

Start with a 7-day free trial. This way you can try our tool and see what it can help you with. If you think it might be helpful to you now or in the future, follow the steps below.


Email us
a short explanation of the kind of investigations you typically do and why Complytron could help your reporting. Link to any past reporting you’ve done. You do not need to reveal your current targets or the specific story you’re working on. 

We take a broad view of what constitutes an investigative reporter as there is so much great reporting happening that is not tied to a traditional media outlet, so please reach out even if you don’t have a traditional role.


Email us
with basic information on the institution you work at and the course you teach or the research you are undertaking. We take a broad view of what constitutes a teacher. You do not need to work at a university. For example, you might be teaching investigative techniques via an online course or hosting a webinar. 

What happens after you apply

Once you’re approved, we’ll get you set up with 3 months of free access, which we’ll happily keep extending for you if you continue to need it.

Please note, any misuse of the free access offer, can result in it being revoked.

Do you need to mention Complytron in your work?

Not necessarily, however, if you found Complytron to be useful in your reporting we would be happy for you to mention the tool and how it helped further your investigations. 

We would also appreciate a copy of your published work, and would be happy to link to it on our website.

What if you’re not in any of these roles

We are a company that relies on customers signing up for paid plans to stay in business and keep developing our product, so we can only offer this 3-month free access to those who genuinely need our tools for their public interest reporting or academic research/teaching. 

We do offer a 7-day free trial to everyone, so if you don’t meet the above criteria, you can still try our product for free. Then, please consider signing up for a paid plan.


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